Power of one

Four Impactful options. One hour or less.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Champion Academy Power of One Volunteer Campaign!  

We need your help to make this simple and impactful solution even better this year! 

To get started as a volunteer, choose one of the four options below:


Champion Welcome

Celebrate the arrival of students to our programs with applause and high fives.

CW1 copy
CW1 copy

Program Logistics

Help with setup, food and coordination before, during and after programs.

CW1 copy 2
CW1 copy 2

Classroom Checkup

Visit a student during the school day and observe them in one of their classes.

CW1 copy 3
CW1 copy 3

Student Networking

Listen to students introduce themselves, share goals and play interactive games.

"power of one" frequently asked questions:


Question #1: Are there any background checks or requirements to volunteer with the Champion Academy?

Answer:  Yes. The Champion Academy follows NYS Education Department volunteer guidelines and operates in accordance with its safety and legal protocols. Please click here for more information.  Every volunteer must go through a 4-point background check and also attend one of our monthly training sessions.  To get started as a volunteer, please click HERE.



Question #2: Does volunteering for the Champion Academy require any formal training? 

Answer:  Yes! Once your application is completed, we will be inviting you to one of our quick monthly training sessions (all less than one hour of course) to make sure every volunteer has the basic tools necessary to make the most impact with our students. To get started as a volunteer, click HERE.



Question #3: I've heard that middle and high school students in the city are pretty tough.  Is volunteering with the Champion Academy safe?

Answer: Absolutely!  Our students are a part of the Champion Academy because they desperately want to elevate above their surroundings. But because we can't control the world outside the Champion Academy, we have put a host of safety measures in place to protect our extended family.  From private security to strategic scheduling of our program elements, we are quite confident you will be safe while you make a difference. To get started as a volunteer, please click HERE.



Question #4: Everything sounds great! How do I sign up?

Answer:  To become a volunteer for the Champion Academy, simply complete the "Champion Academy Volunteer Application" form and click the "Sign Up" button.  You will then receive an email from us with next steps.  If you don't have access to the Internet, you can always reach out to our amazing Community Partnerships Manager, Veronica Wilson by phone at 585.571.7057 (Extension #1002) or email her at veronica@championacademyroc.org.